Vox defends the Other Spain

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The Catalan separatist parties – the Catalan Republican Left (Eer) and Together for Catalonia (JxCat) – hold a total of 14 seats in the Spanish Parliament.

Both parties have agreed to support Pedro Sánchez, the leader of the Psoe, in forming a new government of Spain.

This support is conditional on an amnesty for all those who had taken part in the bid for independence, 309 secessionists on trial including the Junts leader, the former Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont together with 73 agents.

This agreement has paved the way for Sánchez to secure another term as Prime Minister.

Many Spanish citizens, including right-wing protesters, have strongly opposed the amnesty agreement, which they regard as a legal fraud and a coup by the Psoe, along with Vox, a defender of the Other Spain.

Eer and JxCat have agreed to support Pedro Sánchez in forming a new government of Spain but it is conditional on an amnesty

Therefore, to delay the approval of the agreement by the Parliament, the conservative coalition will use its parliamentary majority.

The American journalist Tucker Carlson was in Madrid over the last few days. Carlson was born in San Francisco, where the APEC summit with the Chinese president Xi and Joe Biden took place. (Redazione)


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