Vandalism, Neglect and Degradation at Parco Dora – Spina 3

Enrico Crescimanno

Parco Dora is a post – industrial park located in the city of Turin. It’s situated in an area known as Spina 3, which was heavily industrialized until the 1990s.

Recently, the defibrillator donated to the district was vandalized. All around the area where the device useful in case of emergency was placed, degradation reigns among dirt and broken alcohol bottles.

This situation could negatively impact the quality of life for local residents and visitors to the park. District 5 has accused the mayor of poor administration, suggesting that more effective leadership could address these issues. It is crucial for the local authorities to take action to ensure the park remains a safe and clean environment for everyone.

The President of District 5 is Enrico Crescimanno, son of the recently deceased Sergio Crescimanno, former General Manager and Director of Personnel at Piedmont Region, and among the guests of the event involving Massimo Segre and Cristina Seymandi last summer. (Redazione)


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