Strong U.S. Influence on UniCredit

A cover recalls the famous tram drivers of Chicago

There are indeed American shareholders in UniCredit Banca. This proves the ever-present global interconnectedness of financial systems and the mutual trust between the United States and Italy.

This relationship is not just about the exchange of capital, but also about the exchange of values, culture, and ideas. It’s a wonderful example of how finance can serve as a bridge between different countries and cultures.

For instance, the BlackRock Group, an American multinational investment management corporation based in New York City, holds stakes. Many American public bodies, which are aimed at social security and services, such as Health, Pensions, and Education, do hold stakes in UniCredit. This includes entities like pension funds for various professions (Firefighters, Nurses, Teachers and Tram Drivers, Health Funds, and Educational Institutions. (Redazione)


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