Setback for the Projects of the South Coast

The Stand Florio, symbol of the Romagnolo area

The Zona Economica Speciale (Zes) is a special economic zone in Italy that provides fiscal and administrative benefits to businesses operating or newly established within its boundaries.

However, the Zes does not necessarily encompass all public works contracted before its establishment.

In fact, several projects including the Parco a Mare allo Sperone, the restoration of the Port and the Seafront at Bandita, the River Contract, and the Coast Contract Oreto, which were expected to start in June 2024, have now been cancelled and will not be completed by mid-2026. These projects will need to follow a standard procedure or process.

Also, Amap has cancelled the tender of about 43 million euros to renew the water network and the piping and water distribution system of the neighborhoods to the right of the Oreto river, Settecannoli and Romagnolo.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has published the final ranking of interventions from which it emerges that the Palermo work was not admitted.

This project was intended to alleviate the significant inconvenience experienced by many residents of Palermo’s second district, who currently receive water at their homes only on alternate days. (Redazione)


A Francoforte in 25 per la Zes Unica con Intesa Sanpaolo