Reopening at Chambray-lès-Tours A10 partially closed tonight

ph Wilfrid Moinard on Unsplash

Just 2 nights of partial discomfort, and all will enjoy a new art structure that also showcases the engineering prowess and capabilities of companies like Vinci Autoroutes, the world’s leading integrated concessions-construction group.

In fact, the company has completed the renovation work on the art structure on the A10 motorway, at the level of Chambray-lès-Tours (number 23) carried out since last November 6.

During the renovation, traffic was maintained in both directions on reduced lanes. The lifting of the necessary measures for the progress of this site led to a partial closure of the A10 motorway on the nights of March 25 to 26 and March 26 to 27.

This operation allowed the complete change of the support devices and the repair of the concrete of this structure. The complete reopening of the low exit and entrance of Chambray-lès-Tours is scheduled for Friday, April 5 from 5 pm.

Chambray-lès-Tours is a commune in the Indre-et-Loire department, central France. It is located in the south of the Tours metropolitan area and is part of the Centre – Val de Loire region.

The commune has nearly 12,000 inhabitants, making it the sixth – largest city in the intercommunal area, that is known for its various attractions. Some of the popular places to visit include Lac de Chambray-les-Tours, Bois des Hates, and Chateau De La Branchoire.

The impact of the art structure is not only local but also national, as is often the case in France.

In terms of concessions, Vinci oversees the entire life cycle of infrastructure projects, which include highways, airports, railways, car parks, bridges, and stadiums. It manages 4,385 kilometers of French motorways, which is equivalent to half of the entire network. Additionally, it operates 13 airports, 10 of which are in France and 3 in Cambodia.



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