Poste Vita enters into the New Tim

ph Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Poste Vita is interested in joining the Rete Digitale fund, which was promoted by F2i, the most important independent management of infrastructure funds in Italy, to balance KKR weight in the Rete Tim project, approximately estimed in 65 percent.

The fund aims to raise at least 1 billion euros for a 10 percent stake in NewCo.

Poste Vita would contribute 100 million euros, becoming one of the main supporters of the project. Cariplo would also be in the game with 80 – 100 millions.

Tlc in Europe is undergoing significant changes. Tim is one of the players working to create a more efficient and safe sector.

Insurance companies, such as Poste Vita, controlled by the giant Poste, may invest in telecom companies or infrastructure projects to generate returns for their investors. (Redazione)


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