Portofino Rebuilds Italy with its Gorgeous Castle

Ft Vision on Unsplash

Even with the passage of time and changes in the global context, Portofino continues to embody the charm of the Belpaese. This is why the sale of Castello San Giorgio di Portofino to Fort Partners, for a sum exceeding 66 million euros, is viewed as one of the most noteworthy real estate transactions in recent memory.

The Castle, spanning over 1,200 square meters and housing 12 mini-apartments along with a private elevator that descends to the beach, was acquired from the Garrè family, who are insurers based in Genoa.

Fort Partners, a Miami-based company, has been collaborating closely with the Four Seasons hotel chain. Notably, both Bill Gates and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal have stakes in this venture.

This is why the Castle’s future as a luxury hotel seems quite plausible, despite the fact that the Municipality of Portofino’s zoning regulations currently designate the building for residential use.

The prospect of a future steeped in refined tourism and subtle displays of wealth is reinforced by two analogous ventures undertaken by Fort Partners in Rome: Palazzo Marini and Palazzo della Rovere. The imminent inauguration of two Four Seasons hotels appears to herald the introduction of a fresh element in the construction, or reconstruction, of Italy’s iconic image. 

The Castle in Portofino, over time, has been home to individuals such as Rosanna Armani, the Loro Piana family, and gallery owner Carla Sozzani, linking the location with its inhabitants and evoking a source of inspiration.

The operation involving Palazzo delle Rovere is expected to culminate in its opening in 2025, coinciding with the Jubilee, a significant religious occasion in the Catholic Church and is expected to attract many pilgrims and tourists. (Redazione)


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