Natalia Bobba at Ente Risi

Rise sector influences Novarese and Vercellese

The agricultural entrepreneur Natalia Bobba, president of the association Donne & Riso, is the first woman to hold the position of president of the Ente Nazionale Risi. Rise is not only important for the economy of Novara and Vercelli, but it also shapes the culture, policies, and partnerships in these areas.

Controlled by the state and subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, Ente Risi carries out intense activity aimed at protecting the entire rice sector by implementing dissemination actions to increase knowledge of Made in Italy rice with information campaigns.

L’Ente Nazionale Risi also has a Rice Research Center that collaborates with numerous Italian and international institutions. It is the only example of an interprofessional organization existing in Europe to make concrete choices in the interest of the entire supply chain.

Bobba takes over from Paolo Carrà who, in his farewell, made a summary recalling the new educational room, inaugurated in 2021, together with the Germplasm Bank. The rice sector in the Vercellese and Novarese area has a significant influence on agriculture and trade. This leadership position facilitates the formation of partnerships and the development of policies that benefit the entire sector. (Redazione)


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