Martin is going to renovate

ph Scott Webb on Unsplash

Many celebrities, among people of all ages, go to the Gym. Some want to improve their strenght and pack on muscle, others are motivated by the boost of energy they’ll feel when they get into better shape.

One of the stars that do regular exercise is Sabrina Salerno. Sabrina was discovered by Claudio Cecchetto in the 80s and has continued to grow her fame and following. Also thanks to regular exercise at the gym. It is a great way to maintain one’s health and natural beauty.

There are several gyms in Italy that offer a variety of services such as Gym Age in Genoa – San Martino which offers functional and calisthenics training.

Another weel known gym is Gym Studio in Poirino which offers weight training, courses, virtual training, and spa services.

There is also Corallo Fitness Club which offers a free trial day to discover their center.

In Sicily the Martin Club of Via Alcide De Gasperi in Palermo is going to renovate the entire structure as to make it more pleasant for customers during the training sessions. (Redazione)


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