Leonardo-KNDS Talks Come to a Sudden Halt: What’s Next?

Breakdown between Leonardo and KNDS

Negotiations between Leonardo and KNDS have been interrupted. Despite efforts, the talks for defining a common configuration for the Main Battle Tank program of the Italian Army and for developing a broader industrial collaboration have been halted.

The breakdown between Leonardo and KNDS occurred due to a disagreement on the Italianization of the Leopard 2 A8. Leonardo wanted to transfer part of the production to Italy, but Knds refused.

Following the halt with KNDS, Leonardo is now reportedly in talks with Rheinmetall for a strategic alliance on the new Panther Kf51 tanks, which are yet to enter service.

These tanks are reportedly more efficient than the Leopard tanks of KNDS. There are also speculations about Leonardo’s acquisition of Iveco to create Iveco Defence Vehicles. These developments indicate a shift in Leonardo’s strategic alliances and potential collaborations. (Redazione)


Leonardo’s Offer for Idv aims to Strenghten the Eu Defence