Informs awards Battiti & Tecchioli

ph Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Scientists Roberto Battiti and Giampietro Tecchioli from Trento are the first Italians awarded of The Test of Time Award prize. It is a recognition given to papers that have had a significant and lasting impact on a research field over a long period of time.

The prize is promoted every 5 years by Informs, an international association based in Maryland – Usa. The award is usually given by academic conferences or journals to papers that were published 10 or more years ago and have demonstrated excellence in terms of citations, influence, and relevance.

The decision to award the prize was made by the experts of the editorial committee of Informs Journal of Computing, given the impact on the scientific and industrial community of the article The Reactive Tabu Search, published in 1994 by two researchers, just over thirty years old, from the University of Trento and Irst of Trento (now Bruno Kessler Foundation).

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