Gaetano Miccichè Cites Irritec as a Model

Giulia Giuffrè

Top Manager Gaetano Miccichè proposed establishing a business consortium in Sicily to address future challenges.

The opportunity arose during the meeting Sistema Paese, crescita, banche e Mezzogiorno at Lumsa University in Palermo.

Collaborative efforts among businesses can lead to shared resources, knowledge exchange, and collective problem-solving.

Resource Pooling is one of the potential benefits such a consortium could offer. In fact, businesses can pool their resources, such as infrastructure, technology, and expertise, to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

Research and Innovation play a crucial role in driving progress. A consortium serves as a platform for collaborative research and development initiatives, fostering innovation and enabling adaptation to changing market dynamics.

During the event, Gaetano Miccichè specifically highlighted the success story of Irritec, a renowned company based in Capo d’Orlando (Sicily).

Giulia Giuffrè, a key figure at Irritec, was also present, emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Market Access is among other factors: in fact joint marketing efforts and networking can open up new markets and opportunities for member businesses.

Miccichè showed a discreet and polite profile with a tone of openness and listening towards the many students present. (Sergio Scialabba)


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