Falcone Leads Investigation into Florence’s Work Accident

Angelino Alfano

Alessandra Falcone is one of the magistrates in charge of the investigations related to the largest work accident ever occurred in Florence.

This is about the collapse of a construction site during the construction of a new Esselunga supermarket. The balance of the tragedy is 4 victims, three injured and one missing. The hypotheses at the center of the investigation are multiple manslaughter and culpable collapse.

The investigations will have to define, among many elements encompassed in a broader contest, the chain of contracts and subcontracts among the various companies that were working on the site.

The company commissioning the work is La Villata. The unions have denounced that many workers were not framed with the contract of the construction sector, but with that of the metalworkers, less demanding in terms of training courses.

In addition, some workers certainly worked in the black, one in particular had appealed to Brescia, once the application for international protection was rejected and the appeal was pending.

La Villata has been chaired for almost a year by Angelino Alfano, appointed Knight of Labor in January 2022 and former Minister of Foreign Affairs. (Redazione)


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