Christian approach is a valuable effort but it is not enough

ph Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

A memorandum of understanding will signed on March 28, 2024, between the Association of Foreign Workers Sicily (Als Mcl Sicilia), the Umana Solidarity Consortium, and the Ugtm at Palazzo dei Normanni – Sala Rossa.

The goal of this initiative is to train young Moroccan citizens in their home country and give them the opportunity to have a regular seasonal work contract in Italy.

The agreement, which involves training young Moroccan citizens in their home country for seasonal work in Italy, could indeed be seen as a more coherent approach to the migration issue from Africa to Europe.

This is because it addresses some of the root causes of migration, such as lack of employment opportunities and skills training.

By providing professional training and guaranteed seasonal work contracts, the initiative aims to offer a legal and safe pathway for Moroccans to work in Europe.

While it may help to reduce irregular migration and exploitation of migrants, it doesn’t necessarily address other factors that drive migration, such as political instability, conflict, or human rights abuses. (Redazione)


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