Cent Jours à Palerme on Tv

Giuliana De Sio (ph Elena Torre)

Cent Jours à Palerme, a 1984 French-Italian co-production is scheduled to be broadcast tonight on Rai 3 at 20.20. The film, directed by Giuseppe Ferrara and starring Lino Ventura and Giuliana De Sio from Salerne, recounts the events that took place during the last 100 days in the life of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa.

The film is a non fiction. Since the film was produced by companies from both Italy and France, Ombre et Lumière, Transcontinentale Production, La Cecilia, Compagnia Lavoratori del Cinema e del Teatro e Tv Cine 2000, are 2 versions of the film.

The French version lasts about 9 minutes less than the Italian version. Many scenes are arranged in a different order. The French version features a scene not included in the Italian version where Dalla Chiesa talks with some former colleagues. (Redazione)


Atmosfere di corte al Don Bosco