Antonio Bargone, friend of D’Alema, Accused of Corruption

Rome Tribunal – Piazzale Clodio

According to the Rome edition of Corriere della Sera, former undersecretary Antonio Bargone, a close associate of former premier Massimo D’Alema, is involved in an investigation by Procura di Roma and accused of corruption and bid rigging.

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Società Autostradale Tirrenica, Bargone, according to the reconstruction of the Court, allegedly received a first bribe of 64,000 euros (part of a larger promised amount) to direct a contract worth 76 million for highway works towards the Rillo company.

The entrepreneur, on the other hand, is said to have employed his right-hand man, Gian Paolo Venturi, to close the deal, as can be inferred from the notice of conclusion of the investigations.

The issue is divided between Rome and Benevento, where Bargone resides. The public prosecutor also accuses the 4 suspects, including Bargone and Fulvio Rillo, of bid rigging, which led to the exclusion of Consorzio Agro s.c.a.r.l.

Bargone resigned from his role at the top of the Società Autostradale Tirrenica, after being placed under house arrest by a judge in December 2021. Antonio Bargone is also known for a long romantic relationship with the famous Rai presenter Carmela Lasorella, which explains the lack of coverage on the judicial affairs concerning him. (Sergio Scialabba)


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