A new piece of a turbulent mosaic

ph Chandler Hilken on Unsplash

The United States has expressed its willingness to work with Ecuador to help the country fight violence from criminal gangs and drug traffickers.

By the way, Senior officials from the State Department and the US Army will arrive in order to help Quito deal with the threat of drug trafficking gangs.

However, the crisis supports the thesis of Joe Biden as a president of failures (as well as a father), almost as if to comfort the bad reputation of many Americans of Irish origin.

The trouble in Ecuador is not just a question of illegal trading but a question of democracy

Ecuador has become an attractive shipping point for drugs due to its location between two top cocaine producers. The Mexican drug cartels have been expanding their operations in Ecuador and using it as a transit point for the international drug trade.

Also Mexico, which recently overtook Colombia as the leader in world drug trafficking, must break the monopoly of Venezuela – Europe trade and the high level of relative prices (the Old Continent is therefore part of the problem).

It is clear that the trouble in Ecuador is not just a question of illegal trading, despite global, but a question of legality and democracy, global indeed. In fact, the United States and Mexico are among the most important countries where people go voting in the current year.

A small country in Latin America, known for its beautiful birds and landscapes, as well as the Basílica del Voto Nacional – a Roman Catholic church located in the historic center of Quito and renowned as the largest neo-Gothic basilica in the Americas – is now a piece of a turbulent mosaic. (Sergio Scialabba)


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