A French Hiss makes Tim’s Ear Ring

ph Jaee Kim on Unsplash

At Piazza Affari, telecom securities performed poorly. In particular, the quotation for Tim was influenced by Vivendi’s decision, as the company’s largest shareholder, to request an examination by the Eu DG Comp of the Italian Treasury’s purchase of NetCo.

This shift signifies the importance and complexity of the issue, as it now involves regulatory bodies at the European level.

Vivendi also highlighted the lack of involvement of the Related Parties Committee (Paolo Boccardelli (president), Maurizio Carli, Cristiana Falcone, Marella Moretti, Ilaria Romagnoli) and the decision not to convene a meeting.

The French player, as the largest shareholder in Tim with a stake of 23.8 percent, holds a significant role in the company. It has previously supported the 2018-2020 industrial plan announced by Amos Genish, which was unanimously approved by the Board. This support indicates that Vivendi is still actively involved in the strategic planning of Tim. (Sergio Scialabba)


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