8.8 Million Tonnes of Rare Earth Oxides Found in Telemark

ph Barnabas Davoti on Unsplash

The Norwegian mining group Rare Earths Norway (REN) has announced the discovery of a mine in Telemark, Norway, which is believed to contain 8.8 million tonnes of rare earth oxides.

This deposit has the potential to be the largest source of Rare Earth Elements in Europe. Rare Earth Elements (REE) are essential raw materials for the European Green Deal.

The extraction of these rare earth metals from Telemark could become more important for Europe than Norwegian gas exports are today.

The company REN was established in 2016 with the purpose of developing the Fen Complex. Their vision is to become an important supplier of mixed rare earths concentrate in Europe.

It’s a significant discovery as China currently has almost a monopoly on the production of rare earth metals, making it critical for Nato and the Eu to become self-sufficient in rare earth metals as quickly as possible. The goal is to be in operation with mining by 2030.

This discovery is not only geopolitically important for Europe, but also a great opportunity for Nome municipality and Norway. (Redazione)


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